Megan Rush Wellness

Massage - Reiki

No 1: Stillness Seeker

Relaxation Massage

A smooth, nurturing, full body massage for pure relaxation. Using a blend of essential oils, this treatment is designed to relieve superior muscular tension and stress. The perfect treatment for those on a path to stillness and relaxation.

60 Minutes $75
90 Minutes $100

No 2: Spirit Bird

Reiki Massage

This unique treatment blends two ancient healing practices, massage and Reiki. Relaxation massage works on the physical body and Reiki on the mind and soul. Reiki will be used both at the start and end of treatment to enables you to enter a deeper, meditative state of being. The perfect treatment for those seeking a relaxing massage with a touch of energy healing.

60 Minutes $75
90 Minutes $100

No 3: Office Detox

Firmer Relaxation Massage

A firmer style relaxation massage for those with stiffness and tension that may be caused by repetitive movement or activity. This treatment is the perfect remedy from the daily 9-5.

60 Minutes $75
90 Minutes $100

No 4: Wellness Warrior

Firmer Relaxation/Deep Tissue Style Massage

A firmer relaxation massage incorporating deep tissues strokes to specific areas of the body. This treatment manipulates and alleviates tension in these often-overworked muscles.

60 Minutes $90
90 Minutes $120

All treatments include a short 5-10 minute consultation included in the treatment time. During this time we will discuss your current health status to develop the most effective treatment plan for you. After your treatment concludes, your therapist will send you a follow up email with any notes from the session or recommendations on wellness moving forward (optional).

Massage treatments require the removal of different items of clothing but towels will be used to keep you covered and comfortable throughout the entire treatment.

Massage treatments include the use of oils so light clothing is recommended. Please advise your massage therapist of any allergies before the treatment begins.